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Healthcare Security


Patient & Staff Wellbeing

Goldfields Security and Training offer on-site response teams, as well as a customisable remote escort services for medical and health purposes, from nursing outposts, to access control, to personal protection.

Response Teams

We offer the highest level of professionalism through our patient guarding service and response teams. Always tailoring our services to you and your establishment.


Through a combination of our communication, effective approach, and safety implementations, Goldfields Security Services guarantees a quality service.

Goldfields Response Teams


Our courteous staff deliver security services with immense care and consideration, with respectful communication.


We effectively and efficiently manage a safe and secure environment for your hospital or medical centre, your patients and your staff.


Safety is always at the forefront of our operations. The unique working environment of the healthcare sector demands a higher level of security officer training.

Remote Escort

We offer customisable remote escort services for medical and health professionals. From nursing outposts, to access control while on the ground, to personal protection.


This solution can be routinely delivered across multiple locations alongside our response team.

Goldfields Remote Escort


Supporting the health and wellbeing of those living regionally.


Our security escort services are customisable to your healthcare needs.


Resources are offered to those living regionally as well as a safe and secure regional environment.

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