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Core Security Training Partnership with Goldfields Security Services.

Core Security Training Partnership Allows GSS to Provide Better Quality Security Services

and Affordable Security Training

Today, security threats and associated risks are changing at a rapid pace. Goldfields Security Services (GSS) have identified that clients require a magnitude of security related services in order to protect their particular assets, employees and all other aspects of their businesses, properties and items.

As we have seen during the global pandemic, companies were either not prepared with

contingency plans to respond effectively to such a threat, and/or had plans that were not

regularly validated, leaving them exposed on a number of levels in the event of an incident.

GSS takes a holistic approach to modernise and simplify our security services, allowing

flexibility to tailor security plans to best meet client needs. A systematic approach does

allow for a standardised and predictable outcome, resulting in successful design,

implementation, management and response.

As Australia is a thriving multicultural nation with an array of ethnic heritages and a need for

inclusiveness, GSS strives to identify, select and train the best suited people to meet our

clients’ needs with respect, sincerity, honesty and the typical Aussie fair-go for all walks of

life and for anyone who demonstrates excellence and a professional standard that GSS

expects to best serve our clients.

Why is quality training important for Security Officers?

Having access to quality training is imperative for learners who would like to undertake

training to prepare for their new role as a Security Officer. We live in an industry where

security is characterised by poor quality performance. Quality training is about raising the

standards that meet industry needs to deliver targeted content by mapping core skills

required to perform the job effectively.

What is Core Security Training?

Core Security Training is a registered training organisation that provides security courses to

individuals, designed to help provide a career pathway for those wanting to secure

employment within the security industry.

How does Core Security Training help GSS train Security Officers?

Core Security Training believes that for your business to achieve the best results, you need

the right people, with the right skills, in the right job. Therefore, their core focus is on

delivering industry-leading security training to individuals across Western Australia to

ensure they deliver security operations with the highest integrity, professionalism and


We partner with Core Security Training to provide clients with certified training that


 Senior First Aid Training

 Certificate II In Medical Services First Response

 Certificate II In Security Operations

 Certificate IV In Security Risk Analysis

 Certificate IV In Leadership And Management

 Certificate IV In Work Health And Safety

 Diploma In Work Health And Safety

Core Security Training’s approach is to build effective team leadership and role models

within organisations by focusing on each individual’s personal empowerment, development

and growth. This ethic builds strong, happy and conducive work environments where people enjoy going to work.

Their trainers and assessors are recognised industry experts, holding relevant experience

and training qualifications. These include security industry specialists, former serving police

officers, military personnel, emergency response and medical specialists.

How can I access Core Security Training through Goldfields Security Services?

Goldfields Security Services partner with Core Security Training through our security training

program to help support local people wanting a career path in the security industry.

We understand that for some people upfront investment may not be attainable for their

financial circumstances.

GSS are providing financial assistance to cover this cost for you to start your career within the security industry.

To be considered for this opportunity you’ll need to provide a current police check and sign a security training agreement where you will not have to pay back your course as long as you commit 12 months to goldfields security services.

Please email us if a long-term and fulfilling career in the security industry is something you’re interested in:

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