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Meet John our Senior Security advisor.

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

John Boyd is a security consultant who served the Australian Armed Forces for 14 years and was an international threats and counter terrorist specialist for the Australian Government while selected for service with SAS.

He was part of a counter terrorist team within the Tactical Assault Group (TAG) for Sydney 2000 Olympics.

John has worked as a security consultant for various international mining companies, Regional Airlines, International Shipping, Oil & Gas, Banks, Security companies and Non Government Organisations within high-risk environments.

Key Performance areas:

  • Experienced working in the Oil & Gas and other energy sectors and familiar with the operational environments and challenges.

  • Training / Coaching / advising and organisational risk management cultural development.

  • Ability to create and cultivate positive working relationships with client's workforce, and senior management.

  • An effective team member that understands and has the ability to lead a team and achieve an organisations operational objective ( Safety / leadership / PBE), maximising resources available.

  • Experience in training development, Risk and security management.

  • Experienced coach with ability to increase efficiency within and organisation, and minimise re-work saving client's time and money.

  • Can adapt to new and proven techniques that enhance performance excellence and strive towards perfection within an organisation.


  • Diploma Work health and safety

  • Diploma of Security and risk management

  • Diploma of leadership and management

  • Australian Certificate of Competency in the Indonesian Language

  • Australian Certificate in Advanced Survival and Rescue Techniques

  • Australian Certificate in Remote Area First Aid

  • Australian Certificate in Medical Aid


John's advice to anyone starting out is to find a good mentor. He knows how hard it is to get your start in the industry, and having someone who's been where you are before can be invaluable.

If you’d like to chat with John Boyd for information, advice or to grab a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact him via any of the details below...

0404 449 326

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Chelsey Williams
Chelsey Williams
Jul 20, 2022

John Boyd is a highly experienced individual, with a proven track record in the Security space. He has worked with many clients to provide them with knowledge and expertise


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