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Meet the Goldfields Security Services Leadership Team

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Goldfields Security Services aka GSS is a modern security company based in Kalgoorlie, WA that takes a holistic approach to security with simplified, cost-effective security plans and flexible, tailored options to ensure they can cater to a full range of clients across multiple industries.

Led by Callum and Chelsey Williams, GSS is thriving and welcomes any new clients to get in touch for a quote on security services including resource, healthcare, entertainment and retail sector static guards, mobile patrols and consultancy.

Let’s meet the leadership team...

Chelsey Williams, Managing Director

Chelsey is an experienced, passionate and highly motivated security professional who constantly strives to raise the bar and make positive changes within the security industry.

She works hard to see security officers supported and encouraged throughout their careers, helping them to achieve their highest potential and actually love the work they do, rather than it being ‘just

a job’.

Chelsey loves seeing more and more women enter the industry and would encourage other women to reach out to her if they need advice or are planning on following a security career. As ‘the woman behind the business’, Chelsey knows just how important it is to lift other women up.

Callum Williams, Managing Director

Since 2017, Callum has been involved in the security industry, making an impact by managing hotel quarantine situations, nightclubs and bars in Perth and also static sites such as museums.

His passion for working as a Security Officer led him to eventually co-found GSS with Chelsey, providing them both the opportunity to run their own business together and make a difference to

WA’s security industry.

Callum’s many years of security experience and his expert knowledge play a pivotal role in ensuring GSS runs smoothly and provides exceptional service to its clients.

If you’d like to chat with either Callum or Chelsey for information, advice or to grab a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact them via any of the details below...

0480 381 434

0404 449 326

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