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Our story: Why we started Goldfields Security Services

Every business has a story. A special calling, a ‘why’. Here’s ours.

I’m Chelsey Williams, director of Goldfields Security Services. Security has always

been a great passion of mine. A profession I wear with pride, and a responsibility I

take very seriously.

It’s undoubtedly a vital preventative measure to keep people safe and businesses


But we’ve all seen the security industry get a bad rap – COVID hotel quarantine

guard breaches, entertainment venue security too forceful with patrons, airport

security hiccups.

One of the common threads for this, I believe, is lack of education and training for


And I’ve seen this happen first-hand when I started out in this industry, arriving at

jobs without receiving appropriate briefings or site-based training. I observed the

culture, the lack of guidance and support, and I knew then and there I had to go out

on my own to create a better future for security.

To build a company that sets best practices for the industry, fills the skill gaps by

investing in education and training for staff, and provides a holistic approach to

safety. A reliable, dependable service.

Security has been part of my DNA from day one

How I got into security is rather an interesting story and began in early childhood.

Growing up, I was surrounded by people working in the field. My dad and uncle are

ex SAS and mum in the Police. So, it’s safe to say I picked up a lot.

At 10 years of age, I moved from Perth to Malaysia where I attended an international

school. My step mum, who I was living with at the time, also fronted one of the

largest security companies in the country.

The level of mentorship I received gave me a level of respect, understanding and

appreciation for safety and security. It also ignited a passion and interest in social


When I returned to Australia, I fell into advocacy work and volunteered for a number

of organisations including the Create Foundation.

Alongside this, I worked with Save the Children where I would travel interstate to

deliver speeches, conduct workshops and help young people navigate trauma and

issues such as homelessness, foster care etc.

Further into my career, I took on some side gigs in security. And it was here I knew

this was where I wanted to land. It was an industry that brought together my passion

for social justice, protecting others, and all the knowledge I cultivated through family

connections in the SAS and WA police.

Setting a new standard for WA security

So how are we different from the rest? I started Goldfields Security Services in 2020

with a vision to set a new standard for the WA security industry and be the change I

wanted to see.

Our core points of difference are:

  • A dedication to upskilling staff and providing them with high-quality training before they ever set foot on a clients’ site.

  • Creating a positive workplace culture, where all staff are respected, valued and given equal opportunities. And are remunerated for their level of experience and paid correctly.

  • Attracting the right talent for task and providing a professional service our clients can trust.

  • Transparency. We want all our clients to feel informed, to have a price breakdown of what their investment involves, how we add value, and all the inclusions, and documentation for our licenses etc.

  • We're young and here for the long haul. While we're the new security company on the block, we're very experienced and keep abreast of the latest security standards, protocols and technologies, so you know your security services are compliant and industry leading.

We also understand there is an immense duty of care involved when contracting

security to your site, venue or event. Whether that’s via physical guards, drone

patrols, first responders in medical situations – attention-to-detail is everything to me

and the team I employ.

Local Goldfields presence

Choosing the Goldfields region as a core service base was also intentional.

My husband – and business partner – Callum has strong family roots in the region,

and Kalgoorlie has always been a community I’ve felt a pull towards.

I also saw a skills gap in the Kalgoorlie region and wanted to provide an avenue for

young people to receive quality training and career opportunities in security, and

connect local talent to businesses in the region – from mining sites to industrial

operations, entertainment venues, festivals and events, retail and much more.

To date, we’ve grown a team with a diversified skillset. Connecting our clients with

not only security personal but people with additional skills such as mental health first

aid, first aid, health and safety, and more, to provide another layer of value.

We serve and protect a wide range of businesses in the Kalgoorlie and surrounding

regions and look forward to continuing to do so for decades to come.

Would you like to learn more about how we can provide security

services for your business?

If you have some questions, we’d love to hear from you. I invite you to call me direct

on 0404 449 326 or email me at

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