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Six Seasons Resources

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

GSS has formed a partnership with six season resources who will help train and develop local indigenous people in our community, who will then have an employment outcome with GSS.

GSS strongly believes that local knowledge is priceless when it comes to operating as a security officer in the community. We have always wanted to help empower more indigenous people to excel in their community and, to be able to support and mentor people in an area that we know is where we feel we can have the most impact.

We have worked in the Goldfields for a little while now and realised that there are not options when it comes to premium security services. There is little to no other services that can offer a total package with guards that will present themselves in a prompt and professional manner. We want our local guards to support and protect the community by developing strong bonds with the people who live in it. These bonds will help to deescalate situations and to help the people feel safer in their community.

Six Seasons Resources not only helps indigenous people by paying for the training and their licenses, but they also provide them with an additional week of training on top of their training course to help provide them with real experience in the industry and prepare them for the job they are applying for. The help does not stop when they place them into employment.

Six Seasons Resources provides continuous mentoring for the people they place into work. They have people who have found employment months or even years down the track continuing to contact them to assist with issues they may have come across while working in the field or to debrief after stressful situations.

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