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The Benefits of Hiring a Security Team vs DIY Security

Whether you’re trying to protect a home, business or other kind of property with a solid security solution, it’s always good to weigh up the different security service options available to you and choose which will be better suited to your home, business or other premises, and your individual circumstances. Will you choose to hire a professional security team or attempt a DIY job? Here are a few reasons people veer towards either option for their security needs…

The Pros of Hiring a Security Team

The benefits of hiring a professional security team do vary between teams, but here’s what we can offer here at Goldfields Security Services

  • A customised security strategy suited to your home, office, warehouse or other building/property that will suit your specific needs.

  • Access to expert and insider knowledge of security practices, tools and more.

  • Peace of mind that you’re getting the best security team in Kalgoorlie taking care of your site.

  • Save time and effort trying to implement security features and strategies – leave it to us.

  • Utilise the services of fully licensed and insured Security Officers/Crowd Control that have undergone rigorous training, background checks, fingerprint checks, police clearance and reference checks.

The Pros of DIY Security

If you’re not ready to hire a professional security team, there are some benefits to carrying out DIY security…

  • Save money if you’re on a budget.

  • Learn a new skill if you have the time.

It’s important to note here that if your business has conditions or licenses that require the engagement of a professional security agent and you try to DIY your security, you will get slapped with a hefty fine, if caught.

As you can see, the benefits of bringing in the experts far outweigh the benefits of DIY security, but it’s important to choose the option that works best for your individual circumstances.

At Goldfields, we offer modern, affordable services for the resource, healthcare and entertainment sectors, as well as residential homes and retail businesses.

If you’re located in Kalgoorlie and ready to engage with a team of highly professional, qualified and easy to work with security officers, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Goldfields team today 😊

Call us on 0444 540 924!

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