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The operational benefits of outsourcing your WA mining security

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Have you thought about outsourcing your WA mine security? Not sure how it works? What the operational advantages are and/or benefits to your bottom line?

No matter if you’re a junior explorer with a small crew collecting samples on site or a multinational with a large operational mine and camp facilities, all mining companies should take a considered approach to security.

Every mine’s security plan will look different. For some, this will only require a security strategy and risk assessment. While for others this may incorporate a combination of or all the below services:

- Static guards on site

- Mobile patrols

- Security strategy and design

- Drone surveillance

- Consultancy (security and risk reviews)

- Auditing (on-site or remote, internal audits, supplier audits)

- Training programs (inductions, in-house training)

- Preparing your security documentation

- Penetration testing (risk identification, gap analysis of process and procedures)

- Mental health first aid

If you’re a mining company with operations close to Kalgoorlie and surrounding towns, we always recommend having a static guard on site and conducting mobile patrols to ensure you’re ahead of the game, detecting any breaches before there is an impact to your asset.

For example, if you have a guard stationed at a front gate and leave it locked and unattended for a few minutes to conduct a patrol, but during their patrol they notice that a fence has been breached, they can contact the supervisor and advise them of the breach and locate the trespasser via cameras.

Without regular mobile patrols – via person or drone – this would mean potential breaches such as these could be missed and continue to go unnoticed.

Our WA Mining Security Services

At Goldfields Security Services, we work in partnership with you to create a security plan that fits your unique, individual site requirements, operational objectives and, of course, your budget.

We’re never going to sell you a service you don’t need. Our business is built upon the values of honesty and integrity and we tailor all our solutions to you.

When you touch base with the Goldfields Security Services team, we’ll ask some questions about your operation, and then take you through what we can supply and our initial recommendations on what we think your operation will benefit from.

The next step is a site visit, where a senior member of our team will visit your site to assess the site and scope of works. Once we have visited, we prepare a proposal for our services outlining the quote and inclusions.

Outsourcing vs in-house security

So, why contract this out and not train up an in-house team?

Bringing in a contractor to handle your WA mining security services versus managing this in-house has plenty of benefits. We’ve rounded up the top five:

1. It’s a cost-effective, flexible service

Given the cyclical nature of the resources industry and fluctuating commodity prices, we understand your site requirements are ever-changing.

When the gold price is high and it’s all steam ahead at the working face, you might need a full team of four guards working a rotating roster of day and night shifts. And when operations wind down, you may only need a single guard doing night shifts while your exploration team are on site during the day.

In addition, if an operation enters care and maintenance, there will need to be a security plan and presence in place to protect the asset also.

If you employ in-house guards, there is less flexibility to scale up or down to fit your project requirements and if the occasion arises where you need to scale down there are added costs i.e. redundancies to consider or paying staff when there is limited work.

By contracting out your security services, there is greater flexibility to scale up or scale down as needed and pay personnel for the hours they are working only.

2. We can mobilise more guards on-demand

If you have a site that is looking to expand and require more guards to meet additional requirements, as a security provider with a pool of experienced local staff, this is a quick and easy process for us.

Instead of advertising for a position and spending weeks or months recruiting and training guards, if you are contracting them from a security agent, like us, we have the capacity to deploy more personnel to your operation right away in days – when you need it.

3. We offer a holistic approach to WA mine site security

What sets us apart here at Goldfields Security Services is our holistic approach to mine site security. Our company culture is centred on providing a quality service that takes care of all our clients’ security needs.

Your workers must feel secure on site to feel safe. This is why our team are trained in not only physical security to protect your people, equipment and assets, but also mental health first aid.

Security officers are often the first responders in the event of an emergency or to deescalate a situation on site. By having this mental first aid knowledge, our team can respond to events calmly with empathy and understanding.

Furthermore, our services cover everything from risk assessments to on-site guards and patrols. We tailor everything to you and look at what you require. We then look at what services are currently already there such as cameras and other people on site and put together a proposal with a well-rounded course of action.

4. We keep up to date with the latest innovations

Security is what we do here. Our expert team are continually up-skilling, keeping up to date with industry protocols and researching and testing the latest security equipment and innovations (so you don’t need to).

We do all the groundwork for you and when you outsource your security to us you can lean on our industry knowledge and recommendations on the most cost-effective security solution and technology for your operation.

For example, drone patrols are one of our add-on services where our drone-qualified team can conduct regular drone patrols on site to sweep an area and detect any breaches from afar, rather than spending hours patrolling the perimeters of your operation by vehicle.

5. We can conduct security audits of your site

Conducting a routine security audit of your site, your processes and procedures shouldn’t be an afterthought. We’re firm believers in taking a proactive approach to safety and conducting security audits is a great way to detect any problems and ensure these are eliminated before they arise.

Our trained team can undertake Gap analysis, security auditing, and consulting on efficiency of services provided by a site’s contractors or suppliers.

By engaging us – a third-party- we’re able to provide an objective outsider’s look into your operation to assess how effective your current security protocols are and identify any areas that need to be improved or have gone unnoticed.

Would you like some further information on our WA Mining Security Services?

Do you have some questions about outsourcing your WA security services? We’d love to hear from you. Give our team a call today on 0404 449 326 to see how we can help or email us at

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