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The rise of ESG in mining and why security should be apriority for your operation in 2023

ESG is a term that has been picking up pace in recent years as the world gears

towards a clean energy future.

For those already working in mining, you’ll likely be familiar with the acronym.

But for those that aren’t quite sure, ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and

Governance; a three-pillar framework that helps stakeholders gauge where a

company or operation sits when it comes to sustainability, ethical impact and license

to operate. All of which are massive factors that influence a stakeholder’s decision to

invest in or support a company.

With global pressure to reduce emissions, attention is turning to companies to show

they’re doing the right thing, not just from an environmental perspective, but across

the board.

So where does security fit in to the ESG conversation?

Security isn’t an immediate focus in ESG reporting and discourse, however, at

Goldfields Security Services, we’d like to think of security as the ‘unsung hero’ of

ESG helping companies meet and surpass their ESG requirements across

environmental, social and governance.

After all, security is about protecting all areas of the mine’s ecosystem including:

  •  Employee safety (both physical and psychological)

  •  Protecting assets and equipment

  •  Ensuring no damage is caused to the environment by trespassers or staff

  •  Protecting a mine from anti-social behaviour if it is close to a town, a deterrent to promote a safer community culture.

  •  Risk management governance

The intrinsic link between security and safety

In the Mineral Council of Australia’s ‘ESG: Change for the better’ report it provides a

great summary of why ESG has become a priority for mining executives.

“The success of Australia’s minerals industry, both now and in the future, depends

upon its ability to operate in line with community expectations on environmental,

social and governance (ESG) performance,” MCA states.

“Minerals projects must be safe and environmentally and socially responsible in

order to both make an economic contribution and support societal ambitions.”

We couldn’t agree more. Safety is a non-negotiable for mining operations, not only in

contributing to their social license to operate but attracting talent.

And in today’s ESG-focussed workplace, safety has become multi-faceted,

extending beyond physical safety (i.e preventing workplace incidents and fatalities),

to mental wellbeing and much more which falls under our umbrella of security.

In Deloitte’s ‘Safety 4.0: A new horizon for mining safety’ report, it explores this

theme in depth.

“Today, the world we operate in is increasingly complex and this has shifted the dial

in modern mining safety—expanding into new terrain and adding further light and

shade to traditional ones,” Deloitte states.

“Worker safety is as critical as ever, but for mining leaders, whether executives,

directors or management, the challenge is no longer just keeping people safe

physically but protecting their mental wellbeing—and this means creating a safe

environment for everyone, one free from discrimination, intimidation, bullying,

harassment and isolation, where everyone is respected and supported and diversity

is embraced in all its forms.”

At Goldfields Security Services, this area of safety is one close to our hearts.

We offer a holistic approach to security and safety, looking beyond the lens of

physical safety to encompass a myriad of workplace issues from staff mental health,

sexual harassment to bullying.

Our team are highly trained and have the skills to assess settings and deescalate

situations, if required.

Security and the environment

From an environmental perspective, a strong physical security presence is vital to

safeguard your tenements, minerals and metals extracted, integrity of tailings assets

and surrounding flora and fauna.

No management team wants to deal with the fallout of a security breach, having the

wrong people enter your site and cause damage to the physical environment, your

assets, or be responsible for the leak of any harmful chemicals/particles which could

impact the health and wellbeing of staff and neighbouring communities.

As we know, many mines in the Goldfields region are close to Kalgoorlie and

surrounding towns, which is why we recommend all sites near residential

communities invest in physical security guards to patrol their premises at all times.

Security’s social impact

Security also has a far-reaching impact on a mine’s social and cultural


Exhibit A: if a mining operation is not properly secured, it may be vulnerable to theft

or vandalism, which can have negative economic and social consequences for the

local community in attracting this kind of antisocial behaviour.

Mine sites are also hazardous environments, which is why it is a company’s

responsibility to ensure it has a water-tight security plan in place to deter people from

trying to enter the site to prevent community-related injuries from occurring.


Last on the list is Governance. One crucial element of good corporate governance is

conducting regular risk assessments to evaluate potential risks that may be involved

in a projected activity or undertaking.

From here, it is important to identify and implement strategies to mitigate risks and

potential hazards on site and have a plan in place on how to manage complex

internal or external situations if they were to arise.

At Goldfields Security Services, we are experts in risk management, and our team

can take care of all your risk assessments and audits for your Kalgoorlie mining


Over to you

We think it’s very clear the central role security plays in helping companies meet

their ESG commitments. Our team have the experience, correct training, and latest

technology and equipment to protect your mine.

If you’re interested in improving security and safety at your site, we’d love to hear

from you and we invite you to call us on 0404 449 326 or email

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