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What Does a Security Officer Actually Do?

Security Officer. It’s a job that most people are familiar with, but only a few actually know what goes into carrying out the role, especially in regional Australian towns and cities. So, here is a bit of a glimpse into the daily lives of our officers as they work around the clock to keep the people, properties and businesses of Kalgoorlie safe and sound.

What Types of Services Do Security Companies Offer?

A Security Officer is a person who is hired to watch, guard or protect any property.

The services provided will vary from company to company, but the basic services most security companies will offer include static guards and mobile patrols.

Static guards are Security Officers that are posted to a particular spot, whether that be a large-scale mining operation or small-scale asset protection work.

Crowd controllers are qualified and licensed specifically to act within the requirements of hospitality and functions, and can be found at the door of your local pub or other event.

Mobile guards are Security Officers that travel from site to site, usually at night, checking over different premises, ensuring no fishy business or illegal activities are going on in order to protect the site and any assets located within its boundaries.

Security Officers will often also carry out surveillance and security monitoring services, whether on-site or through a CCTV camera live feed.

What Other Services do Security Officers Carry Out?

We can’t speak for all security companies, but we do offer a few out-of-the-box options here at Goldfields Security Services.

Our Paw Patrol services gives animal-loving pet owners peace of mind that their furry family members are staying safe and sound while they’re at home alone. Our clients hire us to stop by their properties while they’re on holidays or away for work so that we can check up on their pets to make sure all is well.

We also offer consultancy services that help gauge current security practices by testing vulnerabilities and rating effectiveness of security measures. Then, we use those observations to build a next-level security strategy with new and improved procedures.

Most Security Officers are also Crowd Controllers, meaning they control and monitor the behaviour of people, screen people for entry or remove people for behavioural misconduct at particular events and venues.

What Else Do Security Officers Do?

Aside from the different jobs they’re tasked with, security officers must be physically fit and strong, as well as empathetic with strong communication skills.

We believe that the best way to approach a volatile situation is with a holistic approach where possible: reaching out with understanding words and empathy before resorting to physical restraint.

As you can see, there’s a lot that goes into a Security Officer’s day.

If you have any questions about how our talented officers can provide you with top-tier security services in Kalgoorlie, please reach out.

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