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Resource Security


Static Guards

Goldfields Security and Training has a wealth of experience throughout the resources sector.


Establishing security, safeguarding staff and assets, and incident management, our on-site static guards will use their expert training, professionalism, and communication skills to deliver proficient security services.

The services provided will vary from company to company, but the basic services most security companies will offer include static guards and mobile patrols.


Static guards are Security Officers that are posted to a particular spot, whether that be a large-scale mining operation or small-scale asset protection work.

Goldfields Static Guards


We have in-house trainers who ensure our staff are up to date with quality security skills.


Our guards are always professional and well presented to ensure your business operations maintain a professional appearance to visitors, contractors and staff.


Our team holds the highest standards in respectful and approachable communication with staff and visitors.

An All-in-One Service

Establishing security, safeguarding staff and assets, and incident management. Our on-site and mobile guards will use their expert training, professionalism and communication skills to deliver proficient security services.

Mobile Patrols

Utilise our on-the-go 24/7 security services with our professional and experienced security patrol staff.


With our area patrols and visible presence, we can secure your mine site operations are protected by fast responses to incidents and alarms.

Mobile Patrols are Security Officers that travel from site to site, usually at night, checking over different premises, ensuring no fishy business or illegal activities are going on in order to protect the site and any assets located within its boundaries.

Goldfields Mobile Patrols


Our Goldfields mobile (vehicle) patrols provide a visible and effective deterrent in addition to the ability to be quickly on-scene.


Our experienced staff have in-house trainers who ensure they’re up to date with quality security skills that can be utilised in mobile patrol services.


A fast and efficient response to alarms or alerts is one of the most cost effective deterrents for most situations.

Drone Patrols

Drone technology has soared to new heights in recent years. The sky-high devices are continually getting smaller, easier to use, cheaper, and have become a cost-effective way to survey large areas of your mine for security threats and potential hazards.

Goldfields Security and Training can bring a whole new level of security with the aid of drone patrols. Always on duty, alert and poised for autonomous deployment. Respond to alarms and transmit live video. Airborne response and monitoring within seconds.

Never before has Australian mining security been able to undertake regular birds-

eye sweeps of their tenements to assess security and potential breaches.


Instead of beginning a security patrol on foot or by vehicle, launching a drone offers a new level of surveillance, reaching places that are difficult or hazardous for humans to access. And conducting all of this and more in record-time to inform your team of potential risks so they can take subsequent action, if needed.

There are many areas a drone will be looking into:


  • Potential security breaches at the perimeter fence or around plant, equipment and ore stockpiles;

  • Livestock that have knocked down fences and moved into areas they shouldn't be in;

  • Vandalism or trespassers ( especially if your site is close to town or has been broken into before};

  • Any other suspicious activity.


Our drones are alway on duty and ready for action, day or night. Automatically reacting to weather conditions.


Self deployment, reacting to alarms or triggers, poised for action. Return to base self charging.


A birds-eye 360 degree live video feed and recording on site within seconds.

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