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Work Based Learning


Security Officer Training

Our work based learning programs are fully customised to meet the requirements of your business to educate, better protect and to create and implement security procedures.

A big part of this is delivering the proper training to ensure staff are equipped to handle all situations that could potentially arise on site.


Because every site is different – there are different risks, security plans and assets to protect, which is why all guards should have the correct training and qualifications for the unique job before they even set foot on site.

Our services are unique to your business. We assess your needs, your properties, your staff and operations. We create a flexible and thorough education program along with easy steps to implement in an ongoing basis.

Our Security Training’s approach is to build effective team leadership and role models within organisations by focusing on each individual’s personal empowerment, development and growth. This ethic builds strong, happy and conducive work environments where people enjoy going to work.


Every member of our team are guaranteed and tested to be confident and prepared for their task(s) at hand.


We ensure that all of our security officers are fully equipped, both knowledge and equipment based, to deal with any situation that may arise.


Our security consultant served in the Australian Armed Forces for 14 years and was an international threats and counter terrorist specialist for the Australian Government while selected for service with SAS. He was part of a counter terrorist team within the Tactical Assault Group (TAG) for Sydney 2000 Olympics.

Experience to Protect

Before sending any staff out to a job, we invest heavily into training, which we run on a regular on-going basis so our clients can feel at ease knowing they have experienced security professionals at their operation that are job ready and across the latest standards.

RTO for Your Business

Goldfields Security and Training are in the process of becoming our own Registered Training Organisation. This means that we will be ideally positioned to provide a better quality and affordable in-house security training solution for your business, providing detailed pathway plans focussed on security.

We take a holistic approach to modernise and simplify our security services, allowing flexibility to tailor security plans to best meet client needs. A systematic approach does allow for a standardised and predictable outcome, resulting in successful design, implementation, management and response.

The training we provide is a mix of face-to-face and online. We also put together a checklist for each site of what our guards needs to be competent in to ensure we are sending out personnel that have the skills required for your specific operation.


Goldfields Security and Training are in the process of becoming our own Registered Training Organisation, ideally positioned to provide in-house focussed solutions for your business.


Expert professional training, knowledge and education provides the secure base to build an officers key strengths within your business.


Constantly reviewing and utilising the most modern security techniques, state-of-the-art equipment and knowledge base.

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